Chimpers were mysteriously born out of the TBAC world through scientific experiments that went unnoticed by the rest of the populace. After the bored apes toiled with the humans for control, they soon were able to reclaim their land, pushing the humans out forever. But before they vanquished, they had to discard any evidence of what they had created, the embryos were fired into the voids of space, never to be encountered again. But this was just a fallacy, centuries passed, and new worlds had been forged, Chimpers extended across the galaxies, and subspecies were born. Their adventure was just about to begin, and only the concept of time stood between the Apes and Chimpers reunification.


The Chimpers genesis 100 is a handmade collection of unique characters each with their own name and story.

Chimpers are generated by burning the Diamond Fleece NFT, which is the trophy for collecting all 6 artwork episodes in The Quest for the Diamond Fleece TBAC series.


To date, we have 84 collectors who are eligible for the Diamond Fleece, the only way to receive a Diamond Fleece and access a genesis Chimpers it to complete the full set of 6 episodes or purchase a Diamond Fleece on the secondary market.

Larger generative collection

The generative Chimpers collection will be based on the genesis Chimpers of 100.

The collection will be launched in April 2022.