The Boring Ape Chronicles by Timpers are a collection of monotonous ape adventure stories starring some of your favourite Bored Apes. 

Each story is told through a series of interconnected images and narrative with only 100 editions of each artwork available.

We appreciate you supporting The Boring Ape Chronicles and our loyal collectors will be rewarded with unlockable content and bonuses as we travel along our adventure.

Episode. 1

The Ape Wakening

It was just another tedious morning at the bored ape mountain retreat when the studious ape at the bar read the news about a sighting of the sacred diamond fleece in the old monkey woods. He alerted his squad, they fuelled up on burgers and beer and set off on their boring adventure to find the true source of ape power and wisdom.

Episode . 2



News of the diamond fleece spread quickly throughout the kingdom bringing great excitement and anxiety to the ape population. The daily humdrum was shattered, and every able ape hurriedly secured transport for the ape exodus.

Meanwhile a rag tag collection of randomly generated characters was spotted in an old schooner out on the open sea. They were heading for the shore at full steam as a thick fog of FOMO descended over the old monkey woods. The race for the diamond fleece was on.

Episode . 3



Captain Pudgy led his crew ashore and they headed directly for the old monkey woods. Once inside the thick canopy, they were immediately overcome by the pungent essence of the FOMO fog, sending each and every one of them into a deep coma like sleep.

With the fog now dissipating, the apes arrived on the scene and in classic Bored Ape fashion, they tended to their fallen rivals with beer and burgers before continuing on their journey to find the diamond fleece.

Episode . 4



As darkness descended upon the woods a strange light illuminated the trees casting frightening shadows. Unperturbed the apes followed the light until they reached a clearing where stood a giant ape like creature radiating powerful waves of electricity from its body. Was this the final battle, the gatekeeper of the diamond fleece? The Apes could not fathom that such a monstrous mutant could exist. Despite the ground shaking and electric sparking, the apes stood tall in the face of what was their toughest challenge yet.